Math Illustrations Manual

Although we claim that Math Illustrations software is amazingly easy to use, you may be slightly intimidated by the vast array of tools available on the screen. To give you that extra bit of security, in addition to the embedded Help system, we’ve printed this brightly colored Math Illustrations Manual to help you create perfect […]


The Manga Guide to Calculus

Noriko is just getting started as a junior reporter for the Asagake Times. She wants to cover the hard-hitting issues, like world affairs and politics, but does she have the smarts for it? Thankfully, her overbearing and math-minded boss, Mr. Seki, is here to teach her how to analyze her stories with a mathematical eye. […]


Burn Math Class: And Reinvent Mathematics for Yourself

Forget everything you’ve been taught about math. In Burn Math Class, Jason Wilkes takes the traditional approach to how we learn math—with its unwelcoming textbooks, unexplained rules, and authoritarian assertions—and sets it on fire.Focusing on how mathematics is created rather than on mathematical facts, Wilkes teaches the subject in a way that requires no memorization […]


Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks

This volume takes a positive spin on the field of statistics. Statistics is seen by students as difficult and boring, however, the authors of this book have eliminated that theory. Teaching Statistics: A Bag Of Tricks, brings together a complete set of examples, demonstrations and projects that not only will increase class participation but will […]


Hard Math for Middle School: IMLEM Plus Edition

The IMLEM Plus edition of Hard Math is designed for students participating in both the Intermediate Math League of Eastern Massachusetts and Mathcounts(r). The topics align with modern middle school curricula: fractions, decimals, percents, prime factorization, plane and spatial geometry, probability, statistics, combinatorics, algebra, modular arithmetic, etc. But Hard Math challenges students to develop a […]


Hard Math for Elementary School: Answer Key for Workbook

Hard Math for Elementary School: Answer Key for Workbook provides answers to the problems in the similarly titled workbook. The problems in the Hard Math workbook are hard. Some are very hard. This is especially true of “Making Connections” problems, which require that you remember something from an earlier chapter, and “Challenge” problems, which are […]